About The Project

This project focusses on using digital video in the classroom. That is, actually recording footage, or displaying live pictures in the classroom, not using existing footage, (e.g. teachers tv, etc. Though this is also good!)

A few years ago I attended a course on the use of digital media in the classroom. The first part of the course focussed on the using video. It covered various techniques and ideas, none of which were maths based, (as so often happens in non-subject specific courses).

I liked the idea of using video in the classroom and had used it before, (see investigations). It can be motivational and the current generation of students have grown up in an age of multimedia. This is how they get their information and entertainment, maths lessons must seem boring in comparison!

This project is my attempt at using digital video effectively in the classroom. It contains a range of ideas, all with lesson plans, that can be adapted to fit in with different topics and different age groups. All of the ideas have been tried out successfully with my classes and some of the footage is included.

A summary of each section follows below, but first read about the basics.

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