Maths-it Podcasts

About the Project

At South Hunsley, the Students are not meant to bring in mp3 players, but a lot do! Even more own them. This project is aimed at making use of this resource.

The project consists of four series of revision podcasts, one each for GCSE foundation and higher and AS and A2 core. Each series is split into topics. For each topic there is a sheet of exam style questions and an audio file to guide the student through the questions, highlighting common misconceptions and helping with exam technique

It is intended that students will attempt the sheet without the audio, then listen to it for feedback and corections. The completed worksheet and audio file can then be used for revision. Perhaps reading through and listening on the bus to school!?

A new podcast and worksheet will be published each week for each series, (Time permitting!)

Please send me your feedback on any aspect of this resource to