Flexible Interactive Workbooks in Excel


Create your own workbook!

This tutorial will guide you through the creation of an interactive Excel workbook. The tutorial introduces most of the basic features used in the classroom ready resources on this Website.

The workbook produced looks at unit conversions including currency. It is flexible in it's use and after creating the workbook you should be able to adapt it easily. Using the skills learned, you should be able to start creating your own interactive workbooks in the Flexcel style!

Follow the 8 stages below to create the Conversions workbook.

  1. Setting up the main sheet

    Format and name the main worksheet ready to create the values and formulae.

  2. Setting up the settings sheet

    Create the reference table in the settings worksheet. This is the worksheet that drives the main worksheet, but that the students do not see.

  3. Creating the main page

    Create reference values and formulae to display the values that will form the basis of the workbook.

  4. Formatting the main page

    Make the main worksheet look nice! Add a splash of colour and organise the page.

  5. Add a spinner and scroll bar

    Add functionality by using a spinner and scroll bar to control values.

  6. Add show/hide buttons and macros

    Enable values to be hidden at the click of a button by adding the Show/hide macro. Also add a button and macro to open the MS Calculator.

  7. Record and add rounding macros

    Record your own macros and attach them to buttons to show the values to different degrees of accuracy.